Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bolt-On for T-Bone


scott-tbonizzle-jones said...


jason webber said...

Damion!!! whats the status on your trike????

damion saunders said...

Hey Jason! It's, uhhh... coming along, sort of. I've always done my work in a little 10x12 shed in my back yard. Well, the trike, being 5' wide and 9' long didn't fit too well in there. So I had to make a bigger shop. That's pretty much consumed the last couple of months of my life. It's just about done now so I'll be able to get back to work on the trike. I'll post progress shit as it happens. Can't wait to take it for a spin! If all goes well, I'll be bringing it down to Born Free this year. Keep your fingers x'd!

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