Monday, June 6, 2011

Fun at Lane's with the Wheeler

I've been kind of holding off on posting any pics of what I'm working on but I guess the cat's out of the bag. It's a little different... but the same, sort of. I'm not going to put too much about it here since it's going to be sort of chronicled in a certain classy magazine... maybe.
Anyway, here are some goofy pics from the past couple of weeks.

First is Lane and myself making some room for the new (not 45) mill. Did you know a 45 makes like 22 hp? That's just not going to turn the L60-15 rears I'm running, so I opted for something with a bit more "Go"... hence the crazy frame mods.


I started off thinking on running a Denver's 25" over front that I had but decided on a stretched inline with twisted fronts instead.


Bars are still, uhh... up-in-the-air... I know, I know, bad pun. I really like these bars I got from Josh Nowell of Death Science. Not sure if they're quite right for a 2-seater but they'd work out great if I decide to go solo.

This is Lane modeling them high... and yes, he's the only one that can reach them.


But seriously, maybe something more like this.

Anyway, that's about it... We now return you to your regularly scheduled blograming.


Kustombart said...

You bad motherfokkers, gogogo!What kind of rear axle are you using and how are you going to get the chain drive to work with what looks like a regular car differential?

Damion Saunders said...

Hey Bart. It's actually a servi-car rear, so no biggie on the chain, it all lines up.

Thomas Ramone said...

I know this is a wicked our post and all but Id love to see it now

Thomas Ramone said...

Sorry wicked old post

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