Sunday, June 5, 2011

Perfection and Inspiration (Art Himsl Trike Bodies)

Let me start out by posting the trike that got my fire burning in the first place. Art himsl created these bodies but they sold like shit so he stopped making them and sold the original molds. Where they are now is a mystery even to Art. I even went so far as to call him to find out as much as I could about the bodies. He really didn't have too much to tell me that isn't out there on the web. He was super nice though and invited me to the shop any time I'm in town. He gave me a lead but it went no-where as that guy had no idea what happened to the dude he sold them to. I kept researching for off and on for a few yearrs but haven't found out anything else on them.
Some of these pics were pulled from the MC ART BLOG. Killer artist and super knowledgeable!
The search continues...


Damion Saunders said...

Great post J. Too bad the molds are mia, those things were killer. Did he ever do a 2 seater version?

travasesino said...

my buddy just got one, i assumed it was an AEE, but lookin at these, i think it just may be one of them. it the entire thing is a gas tank as well as body. i have some pics -

Anonymous said...

I know this is a damn near two year old post, but I know where the molds are for both the single seat and the two seat Himsl trike. I have a thread going on the Jockey Journal as we speak.

Chip Quinn, Phoenix AZ

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